Together in Pieces Trailer from Together in Pieces on Vimeo.

Together in Pieces is an innovative and stylish take on the impact which the built environment has had on the conditioning of young people in Northern Ireland, specifically in Derry.

In the city which has served as both the birthplace of the Northern Ireland Troubles and also the cradle of its Peace Process, creativity and expression transform didactic public art into a vehicle of choice, liberation and opportunity for young people to escape the tyranny of the past and bring the power of culture into their future.

Together in Pieces will appeal to arts, cultural, social geography and conflict resolution interests across the world, as well as to the Irish diaspora. It reflects an emerging vibrant Northern Ireland which is not part of the ‘official’ narrative promoted by institutions, even today.

Because of the subject matter of graffiti and use of hip hop music, the film is very attractive to youth audiences and this is reflected in the treatment, style, passion and pace of the film

An independent production, this film is going to run and run and has already premiered at the Capital Irish Film Festival in Washington DC (March 2016), which is the biggest Irish film festival in the USA.

A primetime screening during the first-ever NYC Hip Hop Film Festival (August 2016) brings Together in Pieces to a level of exposure unprecedented for an independent film, produced on a shoestring by artists and cultural activists Eileen Walsh and David Dryden.